only posers fall in love
Zoe|17|Oregon. queer. activist and organizer. lover of most things punk rock, hater of all things libertarian. anarcho-something. feminist. uninterested in petty arguments and girl hate. unhealthy love for tattoed & bearded men. down for the struggle, down for a snuggle. tumblr hit counter


[dude voice]but its not sexualizing its empowering!!! it teaches girls that they dont have to be ashamed of their bodies! their hot sexy bodies

Anonymous :  be my sugar baby

you gonna buy me shoes?

everyone on tumblr wants to date me and i just wanna cuddle with the one person that won’t date me

coldnighthuh :  Hubba Hubba *

40oztofemdom :  youre a total hermit crab. you have a lot of shells. Id put you in a fishtank with like three other hermit crabs so hard. tbh.

damn bb keep talkin

Anonymous :  lol you dont scare anyone, you're just a white girl trying to be edgy you're soooo punx rawk

thank you for your contribution :)

Anonymous :  Is your birthday coming up soon?

i literally just posted it

Anonymous :  date meeeeee


Anonymous :  You're a total babe, I'd date you so hard tbh.

thankss dude

Anonymous :  Oh our birthdays are close. Same year and such.

oh v nice


Timothy P. Wilson sketches.

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