the ghost with the most, babe
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Anonymous :  why are u wearing a necklace in the bath?

why not

and pretty girls make graves. (in the bath tub)


Heathers, 1988

/spends my whole life swooning over young Christian Slater


Dog Tooth Calcite with Reddish Brown Hematite


no means no, not “make me”


Some pictures of me and some cuties at the Against Me! Show last night. We hung out with Laura Jane Grace after the show with a whole bunch of other cuties and it was a great night and she is a national treasure.

i saw you in a picture that Laura posted on instagram and freaked out a little

Two stars of the movie Heathers died at an early age: Jeremy Applegate (Peter Dawson, whose character prays he will never commit suicide) committed suicide with a shotgun on March 23, 2000, and Kim Walker (Heather Chandler, who had the line “Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?”) died of a brain tumor on March 6, 2001.


Christian Slater


Dead Kennedys, 1979



so i look attractive today

hell yeah you do

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