snuggle solidarity
Zoe|17|Oregon. queer. activist and organizer. lover of most things punk rock, hater of all things libertarian. anarcho-something. feminist. uninterested in petty arguments and girl hate. unhealthy love for tattoed & bearded men. down for the struggle, down for a snuggle. tumblr hit counter

praying that Ignore Zoe 2k14 ends next week


Doodle of a member from the best TV family. Punk rocker Louise is super rad.


sex tips for people: when you see your boyfriend ‘pitch a tent’ (that is slang for getting an erection), say “looks like the circus is in town, good thing i’m down with the clown.” watch him try to resistant your juggalo charm


it’s a metaphor you see? i put the dick in my mouth, but i don’t give it the power to cum

i really don’t appreciate being ignored by people i’ve slept with. be honest with me, don’t ignore me.


No but seriously stop




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